Just a little post ^ ^

Just a little post ^ ^

This is not a language learning post, instead I will be writing a little about my experiences. Kao Emoticon

I started learning Korean about a year ago, I was so happy and excited that I was going to start learning Korean so I just grabbed my notebook and a writing utensil and got to work. It was doing fine the first week but slowly I started wondering ‘what should I do now? study vocab or grammar?’ and often found myself confused. My solution would be to close my books and try again tomorrow    bad idea.

I kept doing the same every single day. There were moments where I would look at my laptop and notebook and be like ‘okay let’s do this’ yet not 5 minutes passed and I would give up and do something else. I would watch dramas or surf the web, I mean there is nothing wrong with doing those but I totally forgot about learning Korean. That’s how I spent a whole year.Kaos smileys

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Hangeul (FIRST POST!!)

Hangeul (FIRST POST!!)

한글 the Korean Language introduced by King Sae-jong who lived in Cho-Seon(Currently Korea) in the year of 1443.

Basic characters.

Consonants                                                                               Vowels

ㄱ  ㄴ  ㄷ  ㄹ  ㅁ  ㅂ                                                          ㅏ  ㅑ  ㅓ  ㅕ  ㅗ  ㅛ

g    n   d   r/l   m   b                                                            a  ya  eo yeo  o  yo

ㅅ  ㅇ  ㅈ  ㅊ  ㅋ  ㅌ                                                           ㅜ  ㅠ  ㅡ  ㅣ

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